Tuesday 22 March 2016

5 Reasons To Keep Your Car Well-Maintained

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5 Reasons To Keep Your Car Well-Maintained

Thanks for visiting the Auto Select Care Care blog. Today's post lists 5 important reasons drivers should follow recommended maintenance schedules.

1. Be Safe
A well-maintained car doesn't put you and your passengers at unnecessary risk. Think brakes, headlamps, tires.

2. Get Better Fuel Economy
Regular maintenance is an investment in optimum. Inadequate tire pressure, a dirty fuel system, and a clogged air filter are just a few things that reduce gas mileage.

3. Preserve Resale Value
How many used car buyers will pay full blue book for a car with a filthy engine, clogged filters and bald tires?

4. Don't Void Your Warranty
Your warranty claims may be denied if your service history doesn't fulfill the minimum requirements recommended by the manufacturer.

5. Save Money
Regular maintenance prevents catastrophic repairs.

Here are some Auto Select tips to help you remember the main items:

First: Fluids. Oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, differential fluid, etc. We can take care of all of these for you at 11 Auto Select locations in Wisconsin.

Then think Tires. Air, rotation, balancing, and alignment. And while you're thinking tires, think brakes and shock absorbers.

Air and Fuel. Air filter replacement, fuel filters and fuel system cleaning.

This doesn't cover everything, but Auto Select will help you with the rest.

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