Friday 13 November 2015

Gearing Your Car Up for Winter

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ASHWAUBENON, Wis.- Before long fall leaves will turn into snowy road and David O'Donnell of Green Bay is making sure his car is ready for winter.

When we went outside it was like wow winter's here already," said O'Donnell on Friday following the first cold snap of the season.

Mechanics say there are four specific  things to check over.  Your tire pressure, battery, washer fluid and antifreeze levels.  
Tires need to be pumped to the recommended air pressure level you car stickers suggests.
"For every ten degrees of air pressure you loose about one to two pounds of pressure in your tires," said Auto Select owner, Joshua Liesch.  
Checking your tire pressure is easy all you have to do is follow the sticker in your car.  It's either located on the drivers side of the vehicle on the inside of the door or it's on the side of the drivers side door.
"Battery life expectancy is three to five years in Northeast Wisconsin," said Liesch. With such a short life span it's important to test your battery before the real cold weather hits or get a new battery if yours is approaching that age limit. 
It's also important to make sure your antifreeze is at the full line on the tank and to make sure you get cold weather grade washer fluid for your windshield.  
Many garages will check these things for free for you, all you have to do is bring your vehicle in and ask for help.

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