Monday 14 October 2013

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Look no further!

Posted at 8:28 AM

Lulled into a false sense of calm with fall’s clear blue skies and crisp, fresh air, you are likely musing about Packers football, Halloween happenings and apple pies. While you have time to stop and smell the pumpkins in Green Bay, you might want to consider that the holiday season will soon be upon us. This year, Hanukkah starts just hours before Thanksgiving, and there is a mere 3.5 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why not continue that low-stress mantra and start thinking of the perfect gift for the car enthusiasts in your life?

Performance Driving School Experience

Whether the person on your list already owns a high-performance vehicle or just dreams about speeding down I-43 outside Green Bay in one, a performance driving course can be a unique gift this season for the auto aficionado. From the legendary Bob Bundurant’s Racing School in Phoenix to BMW’s Performance Driving School in Greenville, S.C. and even a ladies-only option at Barber Motorsports in Birmingham, Ala., the recipient will learn better handling and driving techniques, not to mention have a whole lot of fun. Packages and pricing vary depending on the vehicle and the duration of the class.

?Satellite Radio

Is your loved one a channel flipper? Why deprive him or her of the experience in the car? A subscription to Sirius XM Radio will enable virtually commercial-free listening from coast to coast. Promotional offers are often available, saving you a significant amount off the rack rate.

Gift Certificates for Car Repairs or Maintenance

Service needs will arise at some point during the year. Whether it’s oil changes or tires, tune-ups or regularly scheduled maintenance, a gift certificate is a thoughtful and practical way to handle auto repair costs. Give us a call for more information.

Useful Gadgets and Tools

This highly rated Defogger Cham-Pad reports to clear your foggy windshield without those blinding streak marks that you only notice when you are driving and have nothing with which to wipe the windshield.

While it won’t bring on any holiday cheer, the extremely useful Life Hammer seatbelt cutter/ window-breaking tool is recommended by many law enforcement departments. In the event of an emergency, the tool can be used to slice through latched seatbelts and break windows, even if the car is submerged in water, to allow occupants to escape quickly.

Launched earlier this year, Tile aims to reunite the absent-minded you with your frequently misplaced belongings, from the TV remote and car keys to guitars and bikes. You simply attach the tile, a small Bluetooth tag, and use the accompanying app on your phone to track it. Tile does not need to be charged and is supposed to last about a year.

A remote starter is an oldie but a goodie. For those of us in colder climes, winter is coming, and no matter how much snow we do or don't get, you know you're gonna freeze your you-know-what at some point. With the press of a button, you can remotely start your car. Viper is one of the best known names in this category. Your vehicle warms up securely locked while you stay inside, warm and toasty. We can't offer you a heated bubble to make it from the office to your car, but we're working on it.

It's ALWAYS nice to climb behind the wheel of a nice, clean, shiny car. At this time of year, leaves and debris, not to mention the dreaded salt residue, takes its toll on your vehicle's interior. Buying a bulk package of car washes gives you more bang for your buck, while one larger detailing package can breathe new life into your car.

Once you get that car all cleaned up, you're going to want to keep it that way. WeatherTech offers precise, digitally measured and laser cut floor and cargo mats for every vehicle on the market. You get mats that fit your car like a glove, literally, protecting the floor mats and cargo area from the everyday wear and tear that ages your car. Made in the USA, sand, salt, mud and water will no longer be a problem. Great for pet owners, families with children, tradespeople and more.

For Him or Her:

From Brian Bergeron Designs may we suggest the Tire Ring. For ladies or gentlemen, in cobalt, gold, paladium, platinum and sterling silver; these tire ring designs range from auto to mountain bikes, are made in the USA and are perfect for the enthusiast.

For Pets:

The Kurgo Skybox Pet Booster Seat safely secures your smaller pet while giving your furry friend an unobstructed view outside. Lined with comfy padding, the seat installs quickly and easily in the front seats, allowing you to keep an eye on Fido without taking the risk of having him on your lap or roaming around the car.

Also from Kurgo, Auto Grass is a small plastic mat that looks and feels like grass, keeps your larger furry friends from standing on the center console. It installs easily and includes a spot for your cell phone while keeping your pet in the back. With a universal fit for most vehicles, you can drive confidently with fewer distractions.