Thursday 5 September 2019

Trust the Auto Select procedures when coming in for routine maintenance.

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Trust the Auto Select procedures when coming in for routine maintenance.

It's comforting for drivers to know that Auto Select has exacting standardsand procedures for taking care of your car. There are inspection procedures and auto service procedures.

When drivers come in for a routine service like an oil change, our technicians will give things "the once over". They look to see if parts need to be replaced, such as your windshield wipers or air filter. They'll check what your owner's manual recommends be done at your mileage.

They'll come to you with suggestions for things to be taken care of, along with a prioritization, so you'll know if there's anything urgent. They will also let you know of things that will need attention in the coming months.

It's really like going to the dentist for regular check-ups. No one wants to hear that they need dental work done – it's unpleasant and costs money. Same thing with your car or truck.

But think about those times when you haven't been to the dentist for five years and go in with a screaming toothache. That little cavity that could've easily been fixed has turned into a root canal. And you can bet that there's more than one thing on the to-do list when you leave from that visit.

There are so many things on your vehicle that are fairly inexpensive to take care of when they're scheduled but can lead to very expensice and inconvenient repairs if ignored.

Think of the car maintenance schedule in your owner's manual like the checklist your dentist goes through when you get your semi-annual check up. The checklist makes sure things aren't overlooked. 

When you're working with a service center you trust, like Auto Select, you can feel that our recommendations are in your best interest. Now, open wide....