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How to Find a Quality, Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop

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Brake Inspections and Repair

It might start with that distinctive squeal that eventually escalates to a full-scale screech, or maybe you feel a grinding sensation when you stop abruptly. Perhaps there's a warning light about your ABS, reduced responsiveness or pulling to one side while braking. All of these symptoms are indications that you need a complete brake inspection.

After inspecting the system—including rotors and drums, caliper slides, fluid, shoes, and pads—our experienced ASE-Certified Technicians will recommend what's needed and efficiently perform the services needed to give your car back its robust braking power. Properly caring for your car's brakes will help keep you confident and secure on the road.

  •  Complete Brake Inspections

  •  Repair Rotors, Calipers, Drums, Disc, Fluid, Pads

  •  Brake Warning Light Scan

  •  ABS Warning Light

  •  36 month / 36,000 mile Nationwide Warranty

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