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How to Find a Quality, Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop

We understand that it's challenging to choose the right auto repair shop. That's why we've provided some tips to help you.

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Vehicle Detailing and Glass Repair

Our detailing and auto glass repair services will give you back that clear view you need to have a smooth road ahead.

Glass Repair and Placement

Whether that rock hit your windshield with a soft "plink" or more of a "thud," if it cracks or chips your windshield, your field of vision is obstructed. If it's not repaired, over time, that annoying little crack can spread, requiring a brand new windshield. Or the chip might be big enough chip that you need to replace the windshield right away. At Auto Select, we can take care of the damage, big or small.

Headlight Restoration

Fogged headlights not only make your car look old, but they also impede your ability to see the road in front of you. With headlight restoration, you can restore the illuminating power of your headlights. The results can be dramatic.

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