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The last thing any driver needs is a vehicle that breaks down in cold, harsh winter weather. The Car Care Council recommends that car owners follow its Fall Car Care Month checklist and inspect their vehicles before the temperatures drop and severe weather hits. Heating, Wipers & Lights Make sure heaters, (more)

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What is a TSB also referred to as a Technical Service Bulletin? Once a new vehicle is introduced and starts being driven by thousands of actual drivers, weaknesses in parts or design are revealed. So, automakers send out TSBs, so service technicians will know to look for those problems. A TSB can be (more)

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Are you experiencing rough vibrations coming through your steering wheel? The quality of your ride might be suffering from a worn-out steering and suspension system. Don't ignore these signs: Diminished responsiveness, such as a pulling effect on the steering wheel. A lack of control or drifting when driving. Locking or grinding while turning. Squeaking (more)

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Many people hear the term “oxygen sensor and figure it must have something to do with sensing oxygen. Let’s break it down; your vehicle has an oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold that measures how much un-burned oxygen there is in the exhaust. The sensor reports its findings to the (more)

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Signs of brake problems often fall into one of two categories: making noise or a pulsation in the brake pedal. Let's start with the noise. Most brake pads have an audible brake wear indicator. This is a small piece of metal that rubs on your brake rotor when the brake pads are (more)

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Wiper blades may not be the most exciting topic, but they are pretty important. Most of us have had an experience when a sudden snow or rain storm hits while we're driving; then when we turn on the wipers – nothing but streaks. This can be especially disconcerting at night (more)

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Transmissions are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are designed to last a long time. But like any other mechanical equipment, they require maintenance, and they'll eventually wear out and need repair. So let's focus on what you can do to help protect your vehicle. The first thing you can do (more)

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If you don't have the full answer you may end up in trouble. It would seem that if your engine is running at the proper temperature that everything must be OK? But the fact is that engine overheating is the most common cause of mechanical failure for engines. So how (more)

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The cabin air filter cleans out dust, pollen, spores and other pollutants. To give a point of comparison, a grain of sand is about 200 microns across. A cabin air filter can stop particles that are just 3 microns in size. It really does make the passenger cabin a much (more)

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Here are nine items to check each time you’re getting ready to tow a trailer. We're not saying these are the ONLY items that you should check, but they're pretty important. 1. Brakes: Make sure your brakes are in good working order. When towing, you need more stopping distance and so (more)