Wednesday 11 September 2013

Leave the creepy sounds to the ghouls and goblins

Posted at 10:04 PM

The kids are back at school (finally!), there’s a slight chill in the air and you’re seeing those festive packages of tempting little treats on display at the store. Yes, Halloween is still several weeks away but if your car is starting to celebrate a little early, don’t ignore these warning signs. It could mean the difference between making it all the way home to Wausau and getting stranded on I-39 outside of Stevens Point.


Whether it’s your brakes telling you they need some attention, power windows that seem to hesitate on their way up or down, or high-pitched sounds emanating from under the hood, you'll want to have it checked out by Auto Select's ASE-certified auto repair technicians. Loose belts can often be the cause for under-the-hood squeaks, while suspension squeaks that occur while turning or driving over rough roads might indicate metal-on-metal wear or the need for some additional lubrication.

Groaning or Grinding

Loud groaning or grinding noises can come from rusty rotors or a power steering problem among other things. While it’s common for new brakes to make some noise, that noise should dissipate over time. If you're hearing a groaning noise when turning, you might have a wheel bearing issue. This can be serious, so you'll want to bring it in for an inspection ASAP.


Loose exhaust clamps and heat shields, worn suspension parts, a worn catalytic converter and even loose brake parts or a loose timing chain can all make rattling noises. Don't let your rattle haunt you and leave you wondering. Schedule an auto repair inspection at Auto Select today!


Many things, from major to minor, can cause a howling noise. Imbalanced tires or worn shocks or struts can cause your tires to wear unevenly, causing the tire to vibrate at higher speeds. The air injection and pump system has valves that enable air to transfer into the exhaust system. If one of these valves has failed, air can get into the pump, creating that howling sound. The metal in the axle bearings, designed to help the wheels rotate, can also fail. When you hear that tell-tale sound, it’s time for to call your auto repair technician for back-up.

Unwanted Guests

As the temperature changes and nights grow cooler, you might find that some furry friends have found a warm, comfy place to rest: under your car’s hood. Mice, chipmunks and even rats (gross!) will be proud to call your car home. By building nests near the warmth of the engine, they bring all kinds of debris, often blocking valves and clogging up necessary ventilation mechanisms. You’ll not only need to remove the culprits and their nesting materials, but take proactive steps to ensure they don’t come back.

If your car is making any strange noises, have Auto Select's ASE-Certified Auto Repair Technicians perform a thorough inspection. Put your mind at ease and put those monsters to rest by visiting any one of our nine Auto Select car and truck repair locations in Appleton, Green Bay, Stevens Point and Weston (Wausau). This fall, leave the noisy high jinks to the kids in costumes.