Wednesday 13 September 2023

Steering & Suspension - Ensure Your Vehicle has a Smooth Ride

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Steering & Suspension - Ensure Your Vehicle has a Smooth Ride

Are you experiencing rough vibrations coming through your steering wheel? The quality of your ride might be suffering from a worn-out steering and suspension system. Don't ignore these signs:

  •  Diminished responsiveness, such as a pulling effect on the steering wheel.
  •  A lack of control or drifting when driving.
  •  Locking or grinding while turning.
  •  Squeaking or rattling noises from loose joints.
  •  Cracked rubber coverings that protect steering and suspension parts from rust.

These issues are most likely coming from your front-end assembly, a combination of the vehicle's steering and suspension: steering gear box, rack and pinions, tie rod ends, boots and sleeves, shocks, shock absorbers, struts, ball joints, control arms and pitman arm. If your chassis is sagging lower than the specification for your car, focus on replacing the springs, along with the coated rubber pads called bushings.

Normal driving creates wear and tear on your steering and suspension systems. The replacement parts for a vehicle's front and rear suspension are typically not included in the manufacturer's warranty. Most vehicle owners will wait until after 50,000 miles before inspecting steering and suspension components. But it is always a good plan to have your steering and suspension systems inspected on a routine basis to ensure that the parts are in proper working order.


Two separate systems, the steering system and suspension system, work together to help you control your car. Supporting the weight of the vehicle, the suspension system plays a crucial role in the stability, handling and drivability of your vehicle, while the steering system gives you directional control of your car. You need both of these systems working in top condition to ensure that you maintain control of your vehicle.

Keep in mind, any replacement of shocks and struts will require a wheel alignment, which not only ensures that your tires will wear evenly, but will give you the best balance, comfort and control moving forward. Many of the steering and suspension mechanisms must be changed in pairs, like front struts and rear shock mounts. Small components for updating a vehicle's steering and suspension include coil springs, universal joints, the mounting plate, the bearing plate, pressure hoses and a power steering pump.

An overhaul of a vehicle's steering and suspension will very likely require replacing large components. For instance, the steering linkage assembly, which transfers movements from the driver to the tires, allowing the steering wheel to direct where the vehicle goes. Other large components that might need replaced include the rear differential, sway bars and stabilizers.

Steering and suspension parts play a key role in the safe operation of your vehicle. As you can clearly see, there are many components to a properly driving car. Have your trusted Auto Select mechanics look your vehicle over at your next service. We want to make sure “You’re Good to Go!”